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Jun 25 | Posted by: Morgan Heritage

Original German interview with ENGLISH audio clips HERE.

Was ist eure erste schöne Erinnerung an Musik?

Mojo Morgan: Eine unsere ersten Erinnerung an Musik sind unsere Auftritte mit unserem Vater Denroy Morgan. Er ist bekannt für seinen Hit “I’ll Do Anything for You”. Das war in den frühen 80er jahren. Ich bin hoch auf die Bühne, habe mit ihm getanzt und das kam so gut an, dass wir auf dem Cover vom Jet Magazin landeten. Das war damals sehr populär in der Afroamerikanischen Community. Es war eine tolle Erfahrung für uns Kinder, in den 80ern mit unserem Vater zu spielen. Wir sahen, er hatte Erfolg, und nun sind wir in seine Fußstapfen getreten.

Woher kennt ihr Shaggy?

Peetah Morgan: Wir kannten Shaggy schon bevor er berühmt wurde. Aus unserer Zeit in Brooklyn. Wir haben mitbekommen wie die ganze Bewegung um Shaggy angefangen hat. Er hatte seinen Durchbruch mit “Oh Carolina”, da war er gerade als Soldat im Golfkrieg. Damals in Brooklyn hing er schon mit Red Fox, Rayvon und Screechie Dan ab. Es ist toll zu sehen wie weit er es gebracht hat, und wie weit wir es gebracht haben. Alles begann damals in Brooklyn. Read more of Funkhaus Europa’s German interview…


English Translation from Google Translate

Who are you?

Peetah Morgan : We are Morgan Heritage. And music is our life. Music is the soundtrack of life. Through music you hear the stories of many people. You learn something about their dreams and goals. Music is life. And that’s why we call our music life music. Because we broach everything in our life happens in our music.

What is your first memory of beautiful music?

Mojo Morgan : One of our first memories of music are our performances with our father Denroy Morgan. He is known for his hit “I’ll Do Anything for You”. That was in the early 80s. I’m high on the stage, had danced with him, and was so popular that we ended up on the cover of Jet Magazine. That was very popular in the African American community.It was a great experience for us children to play in the 80s with our father. We saw he was successful, and now we have followed in his footsteps.

What was so special about the Wailers?

Gramps Morgan : The music of the Wailers was innocent and pure. You could hear how motivated they were making music, and what good friends they were. It was magical when their voices merged. Even though our lead singer Peetah, I, Gramps, as a second voice, and our sister Una sing together in three parts, that sounds particularly. In the ’60s Harmony groups were very popular in Jamaica. Groups like The Paragons, The Gaylads and Toots and the Maytals. These are my favorites for the Wailers. After all, the Wailers were a real band, and Toots and the Maytals were more of a harmony group along the lines of Gladys Knight and the Pips. I love the Wailers.

What genres have influenced you musically?

Mojo Morgan : HipHop and Rap has influenced me a lot. Because in America in the 80s, there were groups like Curtis Blow or the Fat Boys. The both have worked with our father. Then Run DMC and LL Cool J came and ran up and down the radio. My own style is very influenced by Tupac and Notorious BIG. Notorious BIG had such a perfect flow, that it did not matter what he looks like. Whether you liked him or not – you could not escape his sound.

Which concert you will never forget?

Peetah Morgan : We have seen Michael Jackson Live. That was at the concert on his 30th anniversary on stage. In New York. At Madison Square Garden. That was the day before September 11. Guests included Usher, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston and N’Sync. After Michael Jackson played with his brothers, later he sang his solo material. We watched as the greatest entertainers in music history who has charmed his audience, and thereby performs material from 30 years. For us as a young musician, who look up to the pioneers, it was one of the greatest moments in our lives. Unforgettable the evening was also because the next day took place the attacks of September 11. So we experienced one evening one of the most beautiful moments of our lives and the next morning something very tragic.

How do you know Shaggy?

Peetah Morgan : We knew Shaggy even before he became famous. From our time in Brooklyn. We have started noticed how the whole movement to Shaggy. He had his breakthrough with “Oh Carolina”, since he was just a soldier in the Gulf War.Back in Brooklyn, he was hanging off with Red Fox, Rayvon and Screechie Dan. It’s great to see how far he has brought it, and how far we have come. It all started back then in Brooklyn.

How did the Reggae revival experienced in the ’90s?

Peetah Morgan : It was a great time. But we found out about it only after Garnett Silk died. This has changed a lot for me. Because at the time we were in high school in America and have heard a lot of R’n’B. The Gap Band, Stevie Wonder, New Edition, Bobby Brown, Michael Jackson. 1994 Frankie Paul We had a gig in Hawaii. Then we learned that a singer has died, the most popular newcomers in Jamaica at the time: Garnett Silk. Then we started to investigate. I fell in love with the sound of his voice. Shortly after Luciano had his breakthrough. It was a great time for us has come back in the Rasta and roots music in Jamaica. We owe the Garnett Silk and Luciano.

What is at stake in the track “Do not Haffi Dread”?

Peetah Morgan : I have written a song in 1999, called “Do not Haffi dread”. As I say: ‘You must not have dreadlocks, to be a Rasta.’ Because that’s the truth. We grew up in the Rasta group the Twelve Tribes. There are also other groups like Nyabinghi or Bobo Ashanti. The Twelve Tribes I have seen that there are Rastas have no dreadlocks. Because there are, for example, people do not grow their hair.And you can not tell anyone he is not a Rasta, only because his hair will not grow!On the other hand there are people with dreadlocks who tell you: ‘I am not a Rasta, I just like dreadlocks.’ Ultimately, it comes to how you deal with your fellow man. It’s not about hair or a certain diet or about to smoke grass. It’s all about your attitude towards life.

You were on the Vans Warped Tour 2002, as was to play with all the rock bands?

Gramps Morgan : It was a great experience. In the Vans Warped Tour, the music is in the foreground. It does not matter what you wear, how much money you have, where you come from or who your friends are. When you go on stage with your guitar, then you have your destiny in your hands. On this tour there was no announcers, no hype. It was only “1,2,3” and then was losgerockt. It was all about the music. You attract jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt and playing easy. Everything else is unimportant. It reminds me of the Rasta movement of Nyabinghi. Saying Nyabinghi: ‘Chic Sunglasses, cars, houses all that is unimportant. It’s all about God! ‘ Punk rock is similar. It’s about fighting for your rights and beliefs. It was great to see all these white kids, and how they pushed around in front of the stage.Because while they are still always in a good mood. Sure, there are radical elements, as in every genre, but 95% of the time was positive.

What EDM artists do you like?

Peetah Morgan : Our favorite artists from the electronic field is Skrillex. We have discovered the basis of his songs with Damian Marley. Since we hear his records. We also like Major Lazer, which are not correct Dubstepproduzenten but they also work with these elements. These two we particularly like.

Which Artist inspired you to?

Gramps Morgan : I love the voice of Gregory Porter. India Irie showed me his music when we were on tour together. She said: ‘Listen to this how he uses his voice.’ He did something that she has often told me. You do not always sing with all your strength, you can also sing softly. Now I’m a big fan and have all his records. He is one of my favorite singer and he will always remain.

How did you get the name of your current album “Strictly Roots”?

Peetah Morgan : The new album is called “Strictly Roots”, because the roots are the focus. We want thereby broaden the horizons of all reggae lovers. We treat many different subjects, but always refer us to the root of things. Because you can not flourish if your roots are not strong. “Strictly Roots” therefore is not necessarily for roots music.

Chronixx is currently hailed as new reggae Shooting Star. He is also represented on the new album.

Peetah Morgan : We have run more often on the road Chronixx. But Gramps son Jemere knows him even better. Because the two are about the same age. We admire Chronixx for his music. On the “Strictly Roots” album we really wanted to have young artists. Chronixx was perfect, because it belongs to the next generation, representing the Reggae.

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