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The Punk Archive – Feature

Morgan Heritage are due to release their new album, Avrakedabra, on May 19th, fresh from the success of Grammy-award winning record, Strictly Roots. We’ve been speaking to the band about the new release, and they’ve given us the run-down on each of the songs it contains. View the article.

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Track Rambler - Feature

Avrakedabra! The Royal Family of Reggae has returned with the announcement of their 11th studio album. Grammy Award-winning, Morgan Heritage recently unveiled the name and cover ...

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Avrakedabra - Album Release

Morgan Heritage weaves reggae with pop, rock and hip-hop without losing the thread of "Strictly Roots" for too long. Avrakedabra" will again be released on their own label "Cool ...

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Yahoo! Music - Video Premiere

Morgan Heritage has managed yet again to deliver another classic album, Avrakedabra. They achieved this by staying true to their formula of authentic Reggae with an ...

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Jazz Weekly - Album Review

The deluxe version of Strictly Roots, by raggae group Morgan Heritage, delivers the 2015 Grammy award winning sound and songs from its first release, as well as a many new ...

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Black Grooves - Album Review

Morgan Heritage is a family act and I’m willing to bet that you’ve never heard of the group. MH is Jamaica’s answer to the J5. Made up a five siblings, their father ...

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Vents Magazine - News

Morgan Heritage has released its second single from its upcoming album, set to be released this spring. "Reggae Night" sees keyboardist DreZion playing a featured role alongside ...

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TopShelf Reggae - Track Review

The raggae group Morgan Heritage has released their new single, "Raggae Night" from their upcoming album titled Selah. The upbeat pop anthem comes with the purpose of ...

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Session Tapes - News

Morgan Heritage is gearing up to release there 11th studio album this year, so they took the next step by dropping a brand new single titled “Reggae Night” which is ...

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